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Welcome to the Unofficial Tesla Tech wiki.

This site is dedicated to providing information on Tesla vehicles which may not be available elsewhere. These articles are technical in nature and are intended for those with the skills and knowledge requisite to make certain modifications to their vehicles.

Why? Some of us have bought Teslas which had been totaled in an accident, and carefully rebuilt them, only to find that Tesla has now excommunicated the car and we no longer get firmware updates, Supercharging, Autopilot, access to the mobile app, parts purchase, warranty, etc, options which were paid for at the original purchase of the car. Tesla is justified in this inasmuch as the high voltage (400v) system is a hazard, and they will inspect and certify a Salvage car for a fee, but even after recertification they will never re-enable the aforementioned services for this car again.

For those who are concerned with tinkerers driving on the same roads as they are, fundamental traction/steering/braking functions are handled by the CAN busses in this car. These are isolated from the MCU by the "gateway", a dedicated processor which puts up a wall to isolate media and body functions from the CAN busses. To get through the gateway one must know the exact (RESTful) formatting to make a setting, and the gateway will not allow any but correct commands through. Anyway, car guys have been modifying cars' structure, electronics, and firmware for decades.

This is a MediaWiki site so markup is the same as on Wikipedia. Anyone can add or modify content if they register, and I welcome all input. I will be adding my own original content as I can. If you don't have time to learn MediaWiki markup, just forward your article and I will translate, with attribution of course.

This site is intended to share information in the spirit of open-source. All articles are licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike and so may be used and shared freely without restriction as long as attribution is made.

Carl A. Cook

Before, aka 'The Horror':

Disassembled after purchase at IAAI. Note driver's front wheel is set back from passenger's due to smashed shock tower.


My car, almost finished. I'm hanging out the back putting in finishing touches.