Charge Port Fault

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Are you sure that's not a "Charge Port DOOR" fault? Go back and check to be sure.

Here's what happens: The charge port has gaps around it where it meets the fender, and water gets into these gaps.

Charge Port Door.jpg

Below those charge port gaps is an enclosed space, with a drain hole. That drain hole gets plugged up and the enclosed space becomes a swimming pool, in which the charge port door electronics are immersed. Water can have a deleterious effect on electronics when they're not potted. (Tesla?!)

So don't buy a charge port;  you want the charge port door, which comes with new electronics. About $89 at your Tesla dealer, if memory serves.

But while you have your sopping wet old charge port door out, get a large drill bit (say, ½") and ream out that drain hole, grommet and all. Don't worry, aluminum won't rust.

Be sure to drop some nuts into the depths of the car fender while you're at it. These will help give the car a lower center-of-gravity.

Carl A. Cook